Sun, Wind and Water
as an inexhaustible source of energy

Our mission

Build a better world for our children

Our vision

Sun, Wind and Water
as an inexhaustible source of energy

What can we do together?

Promote, Install, Maintain and Operate Hydrogen Generation Facilities using Renewable Energies

How do we make it?

Generating Green Hydrogen for your Energy Needs

Viability Assessment – Business Cases
Search for Financing
Build and start up
Operational assistance
Full Maintenance Services for the facility

Promote, Build, Maintain and Operate facilities to produce energy vectors “Zero Emissions” using Renewable Energies

We generate sustainable value
for our shareholders

Generation of Green Hydrogen


1000kW PV Roof in the north of Spain (1.230 equivalent hours)
Generates 19,75 Tm of H2 per year
Enough to power (*):

  • > 190 CARs
  • > 4 Buses
  • > 3 Transport Trucks
  • 1 Passengers Ferry (50p)

Avoids 325 Tm of CO2 emissions per year


2Mw Wind Turbine (location with 2.900 equivalent hours)
Generates 93,14 Tm of H2 per year
Enough to power (*):

  • > 850 CARs
  • > 18 Buses
  • > 14 Transport Trucks
  • 4 Passengers Ferry (50p)

Passengers Ferry (50p)

* Own stimations based on published technical data from commercial electrloyzers, vehicles and average annual consumption

Heading To Energy Transition

Heading To Energy Transition

Clean Energy for your Business

Powered by Green H2

Marine Mobility

Transform your fleet of Ferries and small boats and/or generate your own “Zero Emission” fuel. Request your business case without obligation.

Public & Private Vehicle Fleets

Generating the Hydrogen you need and renewing your fleet with vehicles emitting H2O instead of CO2 is possible. Ask us for your feasibility study without obligation

Home, Isolated Houses

Heat / condition your home and power your vehicle with renewable energies or “Zero Emission” fuels. We do your feasibility study without obligation.

Ports & Airports

Power fleets of auxiliary vehicles and trucks used in ports and airports with hydrogen generated in situ is possible and profitable.

Industrial Buildings & Logistics

Generate in your location the “Zero Emission” fuel you need to propel forklifts, last mile vans, long distance transport trucks…. Ask for your feasibility study without obligation.

Energy Storage

Store the surplus of your renewable energy facilities in the energy vector of the future present: “Green Hydrogen". Ask us for your feasibility study without obligation

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